Hello Coaches,

Based on current guidance set forth by state and local authorities, our survey results, and input from our coaches meeting the following is the plan moving forward. This plan is subject to change based on changing guidelines or directives issued by governing authorities. Our goal is to provide the opportunity to play and be active in a supervised environment while maintaining as safe an environment as possible based on current guidelines.

In light of the shutdown order, after much consideration and prayer, we are postponing the start date back to the beginning January 9th until we are cleared to go back inside.

Practices/training sessions will be held outside on Saturdays between 9AM-4PM. (See schedule below for specific assigned group/cohort times).

We have set the numbers so that there is reduced number of participants on campus at a time.

Current protocols to remain in place:

-Maintain 6-foot distance

-Groups/training pods on each court will not exceed 14 players. Groups training pods will maintain distance from and not co- mingle with other pods. Each group will have a marked designated area for personal items (i.e. water bottle, keys, etc.) to be stored.

-No shared personal equipment (i.e. players are to bring their own ball, or will be offered a sanitized one that only they will use for practice time)

-Masks are to be worn by all participants on campus (coaches, players, commissioners, parents, czars, volunteers)

-Players will be asked to hand sanitize at the beginning, during break, and at the end of practice.

-High touch areas (hoops, bathrooms) will be sanitized between groups.

-Check in process to be completed by each participant each day of practice. (Temp check, symptom screen, waiver)   

          -see email to follow with check-in directions

-No parent/spectators past check in point.


First 2 or 3 meetings: getting to know the players

  • Focus on player names and abilities

  • Spacing and how to do skills without contact. Practice this and keep reminding them, important to keep consistent.

  • Focus on individual skills and drills. All the drills in the book that involve a partner see if you can adapt it to a single player.

  • Each team will have a binder that includes: Roster, printed devotion for the week, sample drills (COVID friendly), weekly practice plan.  (*No WiFi in parking lot, coach app may be hard to access)

  • Please plan to follow the following timeline for practice session:

10 min arrival prior to assigned time for check-in

:00-:05 review safety rules, intro to main skill or lesson

:05-:30 warm-up, skill and drill 1

:30-:37 halftime devotion (on assigned court)

:37-:55 skill and drill 2

:55-:00 end of practice stars and card presentation (at assigned area for parent pick up)

No player cards the first 2 weeks.


At the end of practice hand player off to parent.

  • Player to bring own ball

  • Will have sanitized Rubber outdoor balls to loan out.

  • A supply of markers and cones to use for drills and stations will be available for each court

  • Hoops will be outside in blocked off parking area (2 per court). No car traffic will be open on campus during practice times


On Game days will be fun activities and competitions.

  • Individual competing and Pod / team competition for prizes

If parent decide not to continue, full refund for now.


Drop off in roundabout,

Exit parking lot.


We are praying for you,

Roland Anderson

Upward Director



Please confirm that these times will work for you.

Tentative times for outside practice.

Saturday 9AM to 10AM

Lot 1 Bears K5 Boys

Lot 2 Gaels K5 Girls


Saturday 10AM to 11AM

Lot 1 Storm, Fever, and Wildcats 5/8 Girls

Lot 2 Dream 3/4 Girls


Saturday 11AM to 12PM

Lot 1 Monarchs 1/2 Girls

Lot 2 Nets 1/2 Boys


Saturday 12PM to 1PM

Lot 1 Raptors 1/2 Boys

Lot 2 Pacers 1/2 Boys


Saturday 1PM to 2PM

Lot 1 Bucks 3/4 Boys

Lot 2 Bulls 3/4 Boys


Saturday 2PM to 3PM

Lot 1 Bruins 5/6 Boys

Lot 2 Clippers 5/6 Boys


Saturday 3PM to 4PM

Lot 1 Lakers 7/8 Boys

Lot 2 Warriors 7/8 Boys