Frequently Asked Questions  

Is Upward Sports as fun as I hear it is?

Yes! Based on our surveys and participation retention rate, there is a tremendously high satisfaction rate with Upward Sports here at OPCC. 


Is it possible for my child to have a buddy on the same team ?

Yes! See FAQ's Unique to Soccer or Basketball and Cheer for specifics.


There is more then one night my child cannot practice. Which night should I mark on the registration form?

You should choose the night that is the worst for your child to practice. If you indicate more than one night, we will have to guess which is the worst night. Please help us take away the guesswork by indicating only ONE night on your form (whether online or on the paper form). We ask that you be flexible with your schedule as we work to make the practice nights work for everyone. If any practice night is fine, you don’t have to mark anything. 


Can my child wear earrings during practices and games?

Earrings are NOT allowed during games. If you plan to get your child’s ears pierced, please do so before practices start. The refs will NOT let your child play with bandages on their ears.


What type of shoes does my child need?

Converse and Vans are not allowed during games, unless they are running shoes. Standard basketball/running shoes or indoor soccer cleats are recommended. 


Do you need coaches and referees?

Yes. In order to form the teams, we need head coaches and assistant coaches. If we do not have enough volunteer coaches, we cannot form as many teams as we would like and, therefore, cannot accommodate as many kids. We also need volunteer referees.


If I sign up to coach, will I be coaching my child? If I have more then one child, can I coach more then one team?

Yes and Yes! That is part of the fun in this league. If you have more then one child, you can coach both teams or just one. It’s up to you. Just register online for each team you wish to coach and indicate whether you want to be assistant coach or head coach. We will do our best to get the practices on the same night, although it is not guaranteed.

​When are practices?

Practices run Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. There are no practices on Wednesdays for K5-4th grade. Your child will practice once a week. See FAQ's Unique to Soccer or Basketball and Cheer for specifics. 


What is Evaluation Day?

Evaluation Day IS NOT A TRYOUT. This year we will do a partial virtual evaluation. You will run your player through the evaluations at home, the send us the results. This will only be for a few groups.

Should I come to Evaluation Day is my child is on the waitlist?

This year until we are able to have normal games, we will keep registration open longer, closing if sections get full. However we will form teams, and a late fee of $50 if registration is after this time. This is due to the difficulty and expense of adding a player after teams have been formed.

After teams are formed, can my child switch to a different team?

Because of the tremendous amount of work that goes into forming the teams, no changes can be made to player/team assignments once the teams have been formed. Please be flexible. Players have a way of making new friends and adapting. We appreciate your understanding. 

What is your cancelation policy?

You would receive a full refund until the teams have been created. Once the teams have been created then there is a $50 processing fee for cancelation. Once practices start and/or the uniforms are ordered , it's 50%. If you drop out once games start, then there is no refund unless there are extenuating circumstances, i.e., broken bones, moving, etc.

I hear that you have an Awards Night that is an unbelievably big, exciting and fun event.  Is that true?

Yes!  We’re fairly certain that you won’t come across an Awards Night that’s as fun and awesome as ours!

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