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2024 Awards ceremony 

​​Upward Basketball

Upward Basketball at Oak Park continues to promote character and self-esteem in every child by providing a substitution system that promotes equal playing time for each player in the K5-4th grades and an evaluation process to help provide equal teams and equal opportunity for improvement.  When your child plays Upward Basketball, they will:

  • Sign up individually, not as a team. (buddy requests available for K5-4th grades)

  • Practice and play a game once each week.

  • Play at least half the game every game.

  • Learn new drills to improve your basketball skills.

  • Receive special recognition awards every game.

In the 5th-8th grade, division plays with modified Jr.NBA 3 V 3 rules. This is a more challenging division, however beginners are always welcome. 

  • Sign up individually, not as a team.

  • Practice and play a game once each week.

  • Learn new drills to improve your basketball skills.

  • Play half court during games with a running clock on dead balls.

  • Play with a modified version of the Jr.NBA rules for middle and high school.


All players get cool basketball gear:

  • Upward Basketball jersey and shorts

  • End of season award


Practice Info:

Both bb and cheer practices run Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday.  Practice is at OPCC and runs from either 5-6pm, 6-7pm, 7-8pm, or 8-9pm. The younger children generally get the earlier practices. Specific practice times will be available mid to late November.


Each child will practice once a week for about an hour.  Once games start, they will have one practice per week and one game on Saturdays. The number of Saturday games are not guaranteed. The practice schedule comes out mid to late November.


ALL grades practice and play games take place at Oak Park Christian Center Gym: 2073 Oak Park Blvd, Pleasant Hill, Ca., 


Frequently Asked Questions



K5-2nd girls and boys = 27.5″


3rd/4th girls and boys = 28.5″


5th-8th grade girls = 28.5″


5th-8th grade boys = 29.5″



         K5 =  7 ft. hoop 


  1st/2nd =  8 ft. hoop


  3rd/4th =  9 ft. hoop


 5th-8th = 10 ft. hoop



Along with learning the game of basketball, character building is a huge part of our program!  


Every practice, players will get a lesson in values such as self-control, kindness, caring, persevering, initiative, individuality, etc.


We keep the practices and games fun and positive.  


We encourage the Circle of Affirmation, which is...if the parents show respect for the referees and the coaches, the kids will do the same. 

Cancelation policy.

You would receive a full refund until the teams have been created. Once the teams have been created then there is a $50 processing fee for cancelation. Once practices start and/or the uniforms are ordered, it's 50%. If you drop out once games start, then there is no refund unless there are extenuating circumstances, i.e., broken bones, moving, etc.

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