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Return to play plan for Upward OPCC sports 2021

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Return to play phases. We can go forward or backward though each phase as needed. As restriction ease we can add more.

Phase 1

  1. Small groups of 8 players or less.

  2. Home and at door health check for symptoms. If any then stay home.

  3. Parents and spectators not allowed in gym.

  4. Use personal equipment. Bring own basketball, no sharing of equipment.

  5. Players must wear masks entering and exiting gym. Wear during practice if possible.

  6. Coaches will wear masks or face shields.

  7. Individual drills. No contact games. Focus on skills and drills.

  8. Keep stable group. Teams will practice distant from other teams and will not interact.

  9. Sanitize equipment and high touch areas between practices, and during breaks as appropriate.

  10. Training of coaches on phase 1 protocols.

Phase 2

  1. Same as phase one but will re-introduce contact drills and games.

  2. No parents or spectators allowed yet.

Phase 3

  1. Same as phase 3 but introduce team vs team games.

  2. Allow parents and spectators.

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